The story of a dream

The birth of the Savoy Beach Hotel is the story of the realization of a family dream: building a large hotel in Paestum, a land where history and myth are inexorably connected.
It was 1980 when Giuseppe Pagano, in partnership with his brother, opened a small hotel overlooking the sea.

After ten years the desire of having his own business, let Giuseppe left the small hotel to devote himself to the restoration of the Esplanade hotel, opened in the meantime with his wife Giusy.

The garden with a thousand shades, the rooms overlooking the pool, the ceramic decorations and the quality of service have made of this boutique hotel, the perfect place for those who are looking for the warmth and hospitality of a private villa, with all the services of a hotel.

The story of a dream

Thanks to the success obtained from Explanade ,Giuseppe and Giusy decided to open a new structure, to make Paestum a destination for major events, weddings in particular, that here are protected by the goddess Hera.

Paestum has always been a happy place for young couples about to get married.

Since the times of the ancient Greeks the couple came near the temple of Hera, to ask for protection to the divinity, protector of the marriages.
Giuseppe had the idea of creating an ideal connection between past and future and making the Savoy Beach Hotel the new temple of hospitality

The architecture is a tribute to the Greek temples, a structure with sophisticated shapes and timeless charm, a hotel that combines glamour and hospitality, elegance and warmth.

The Savoy Beach is also a prefect destination for artists, including Gillo Dorfles, that inspired by the landscape, the bond of sea and the mountain, the wine and the food, realized many work of arts that have become the labels of our best wines.


Today his son Salvatore, General Manager of Savoy Beach, keeps the structure in line with the times, in a perfect balance between contemporary and retro atmosphere.

To him we owe the creation of a refined fine dining restaurant and the realization, on the private beach of the Savoy, of a classy beach club.