Dove il tempo rallenta e la vita ha un sapore diverso

È come se un dio, qui, avesse costruito con enormi blocchi di pietra la sua casa

Friedrich Nietzsche



A fine sand beach, the gorgeous archeological site and a pinewood that releases the most intense perfumes. Paestum is the place where the soul gets lost to find itself again


A fine sand beach, a curtain of maritime pines in the background of green gentle hills.

An excellent culinary long tradition that can be found in the many starred restaurants and trattorias where let yourself be charmed by genuine flavors.

An archeological park with the original Doric temples of Ancient Greece

This is Paestum, crossroads of different people and culture, a timeless corner among the National Park of Cilento and the Amalfi Coast.


The National Park of Cilento is the perfect place for the true sea lovers.

A destination with a timeless charm, with the classic echoes of Palinuro, Pollica, where the concept of Mediterranean diet has been created from and the whole Costa del Mito, whose beaches are rewarded every year among the best and cleanest ones in Italy.

Cilento is nature and beauty imbued with ancestral myths, solar power and thousand pages of History

Here, towns and ways of living seem to have stopped. A genuine cuisine, made up of the extraordinary quality, raw materials, that are findable only in this aera.