Paestum Italian tale

Here, I would sing the best culture, where the flowers bushes twice




Savoy Beach Hotel is a timeless charming romantic refuge. A place where get lost to find yourself again, among the classic references, sinuous shapes and the warmth of Cilento


It is the core of the Hotel, a place created to welcome and amaze the guest with the style of the interiors and the depth of the spaces. A combination of the yellow saffron and the white colour that remind to Mediterranean and Oriental references, the hall has a spacious entrance marked by slender Ionic columns. The palms surrounding the Hotel create a timeless and limitless sense of beauty.

Winter Garden

An intimate atmosphere where filtered light softens and weaves with reflections and chiaroscuro.
The winter garden has been thought as an extension of the Terrace, a kind of diaphragm that combines inner and outside spaces. Elegant armchairs in faux-rattan made to measure, the 60’s of the coffee tables, the gauze veils that move gently in the sea breeze increase the fluid vocation and exotic fragrances of the environment, located in a glazed area overlooking the outside. But the charming moment is at the sunset, when the lights become more and more warmer, going from the intense red to the lighter Flamingo pink and ending with the lively orange.

The lounge terrace

A corner of Paradise facing the Park and the lava stone pool. Comfortable seats and spacious spaces of relax, thought to give our guests the sensation of absolute relax.
The place has been designed as a natural terrace of the American Bar, where to be cherished by the sweetest melodies enjoying the creations of our mixologist, drinking your cocktail whenever you prefer.

The white terrace

A stage of great impact that overlooks the Arabic and Mediterranean fragrances. A walk around bar offering local and niche products.
Century old palms towering to the Sky and reflecting on the black lava stone swimming pool, creating the perfect spot for a moment of relax and refined events.

The swimming pools

All different, every single pool has its own peculiarity and will become the mirror where your memories will be reflected. Let our staff cuddle you while you are sipping your drink sitting at the pool you prefer.
You can choose between the one made with lava stones and its long steps, that recalls the Greek Agorà not so far from the hotel, or the special one with sea water and faced on the sea.
Each of them has been created to enhance the area and let our guests feel in a different mood.

The majolica park

Over 20.000 sq.m of garden encircle the Hotel, a green heart that fills up with fragrant notes the Savoy Beach.
From ancient olive trees to rose gardens, passing through the hedges of Eugenia and the bright colors of Bouganville, the park is a supply of oxygen, seen as a cure-all. The green is interspersed with the unique Vietrese majolica flooring that confers elegance, color and vitality.

The Beach Club

The Beach Club 93 is a private beachfront resort of the Savoy, an oasis of relax and glamour with a restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine, prepared with organic materials produced by ‘’San Salvatore 1988’’, the farm of the Pagano family.
For sure, the gem of this place is the oyster and sushi bar designed for those who love raw fish.

The restaurants

What would you choose between dining in a starred restaurant overlooking the park, tasting a seafood menu or having some sushi under the moonlight? Wherever is your preference, we will make of the local products divine dishes.

The wine cellar

It’s a little treasure chest where the most important labels are kept, containing more than 800 choices. Let our sommelier guide you in choosing what best suits your palate. An experience of pleasure to combine with the creations of the Michelin star chef Solofra, who will create a real and unique sensory path that your heart and your mouth won’t forget.

The Bars

Sitting overlooking Capri island or facing to the National Park of Cilento, there is no better place to relax after a long day. The White Terrace with its artistic lighting, is a spot you can’t miss during your holiday in Cilento.
The American Bar offers a great list of original cocktails and a wide selection of wine and champagne, that includes also the wines of the family wine cellar: San Salvatore 1988.