Paestum Italian tale

It’ like a God, here, has built up his house with huge stone blocks

Friedrich Nietzsche



Every day the sun sets on the sea drawing colours and lights through the pinewood and the majestic Greek temples

Timeless style

It was 1980 when the charismatic entrepreneur Giuseppe Pagano took his first steps into hospitality with the goal of creating a unique location, majestic as the temples of Paestum and welcoming as Cilento. Success arrived soon, so that, a few years The Boutique Esplanade and the Savoy Beach Hotel were born.

A Unique idea

The Savoy beach Hotel has been created on the highest international quality standards, ideal for a relaxing holiday and, at the same time, perfect for any kind of special events. The Hotel is behind the pinewood that touches the beach and surrounded by the park with all its floral scents.

In these years thousands of couples from all over the world walked through the doors of the Savoy, that has become the place of their best memories

Dining Experiences

Excellent raw materials, symbols of this unique place, prepared according to the tradition in order to create plates concerned as an unforgettable testing experience.

Paestum and Cilento

Paestum, crossroad of different people and culture, a timeless corner among the National Park of Cilento and the Amalfi Coast.

The Pagano Family

It is a family History the one of the Savoy, where the values and the focus on quality are handed down from father to son.